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Caids Marketing PVT LTD

Caids Marketing Network (Pvt) LTD is the most experienced company in Lahore, since 1996.  We provide janitorial and specialized cleaning services for all types and sizes of complexes – from small to large residential places and commercial centers to industrial, warehouse, and retail locations.

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Cleaning Services Provider Company

CAIDS MARKETING PVT LTD has been successful and continues to grow  largely through word of mouth by being committed to the satisfaction of its customers.

Committed to values

Quality. Training. Support. Trust. We understand the value and take challenge of providing the highest level of management and cleaning services.


At CAIDS MARKETING, one of our most closely held values is to respond promptly and solve problems immediately.

Loyal Employee

We are proud to have won the hearts of our employees. A reflection of the pride our employees take in being associated with.

Superb Training

Every CAIDS MARKETING worker is thoroughly trained, re-trained, monitored, and arranged to maintain a high work standard.

Quality Control

We approach quality control with an organized, efficient system. Every service provided is backed by layers of quality control.

A Professional Approach

Our professionalism is matchless and unbeatable. We demand more of ourselves than our clients do, resulting in exceptional jobs-done-right.

Spotless is our standard

How We Work

Nobody can deny that maintaining a clean office is beneficial to all jumbled. The appearance of a work space, be it a commercial building or a typical office, says a lot about the company or organization that works there.

  • Attracting and Retaining Clientele

    After an office cleaning service has moved through an area, the office is left with a fresh and inviting appearance.

  • Hygiene Benefits
    Office building cleaning also results in a more  hygienic work environment. When businesses hire a professional to do the cleaning, offices are not as hospitable to germs and workers do not get sick as often.
  • Stain Removal Expertise

    Even when cleaned by professional cleaning services, office buildings and other commercial establishments often get stained by foot traffic and spills. We offer our stain-removal services along with any place cleaning. Our qualified employees will treat any kind of stain the first moment we see it in order to keep it from getting further embedded in the carpet or floor.



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We are always ready to be present at all of a client’s cleaning and maintenance requirements with our assurance that every job will be done with our total commitment to customers satisfaction through our responsiveness and the peculiar attention we commit to each client and contracted assignment.